Getting a Good Night Sleep with Reverie pillow

I received a pillow from Reverie. All thoughts are my own.

How my daughter is sleeping soundly even with a dust mite allergy


Recently I found out my oldest daughter is allergic to dust mites. While it is not a devastating thing to find out, it did mean we needed to make a lot of changes to make her feel better. She needed to start on some allergy medicine, to help her with the sniffles and constant sneezing and snotty nose. I needed to clean her room from top to bottom, including wiping down the walls on a bi weekly basis, and it also meant she had to give up some of her favorite bed things. She loves to have a lot of stuffed animals in her bed. She also loves to sleep on her pillow pets as pillows. Since Pillow Pets are not made for frequent washings, that meant I needed to find her a pillow that would help her allergies and that she would still love.

Reverie pillow (5)

I was happy to hear about a pillow I could get from Reverie that is designed to have a removable cover that is 100% machine washable. This means I can easily slide the pillow out of its casing and give it a good washing in hot water. Then once it is clean I can slide the pillow back in.
Hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant

The pillow is a soft pillow, much like a down pillow, but it is filled with shredded latex. Thankfully my daughter does not have a latex allergy so this is not a concern for us. Because it is a soft pillow if conforms nicely and bounces back up. We love how the pillow does not hold her head up at an unnatural angle and lets her settle in and just wraps around her, giving her head and neck support.

Shredded natural Latex

I was wondering how she would adjust to not having her pillow pets to sleep with, but she loves the pillow. She loves how she can lay on her back, on side or on her belly and the pillow is comfortable. I love that I know that the pillow is Hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant, so that even when she lays on her stomach, with her face close to the soft cover and pillow case, that she is less likely to have a reaction than if she was sleeping with a traditional pillow.

Serenity Sleeping on Reverie Pillow

The Reverie company also sells complete sleep systems, mattresses, adjustable foundations for beds, accessories and linens. Everything to ensure a good night sleep, no matter what you need for a good night sleep.

I highly recommend a pillow from Reverie. My daughter is sleeping better than she has in a long time and she loves how comfy her new pillow is.

Reverie pillow



  1. My daughter and I are both allergic to dust mites. I need to look into this.
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Why to Take a Natural ProbioticMy Profile

  2. Many people are unaware that the pillows we lay on can irritate allergic symptoms. This pillow sound great!

  3. THANK YOU! My son has a dust mite allergy too and so far I haven’t found a pillow that really works well to minimize his allergies!

  4. Very informative post for anyone with this issue. Glad you daughter is sleeping better.
    Jennifer Medeiros recently posted..#NaturesSleep Twitter ChatMy Profile

  5. Joyce@MommyTalkShow says:

    My son has food allergies, so I know how important it is to keep them safe. Glad she got a good night’s rest with this pillow!
    Joyce@MommyTalkShow recently posted..I Loved You Before You Were Born #NakedMomsMy Profile

  6. My son has this allergy and I never thought about changing his pillow. What a great post!
    Kelly Hutchinson recently posted..#NaturesSleep Twitter ChatMy Profile

  7. Looks super-comfy. Finding the perfect pillow is so hard…
    Scott recently posted..Portable Tunes with Earjax EchoMy Profile

  8. Sounds like a great solution for anyone with that allergy. And I;m wondering if that might stay “fluffy” longer then a more traditional pillow since it’s filled with latex.
    valmg @ Mom Knows It All recently posted..REVIEW AND #GIVEAWAY – The Wiggles Furry Tales DVD @TheWigglesMy Profile

  9. I need a new mattress cover for my Cal King bed and these are hard to find. I am going to head over and see if they have what I need. Thank you for the recommendation!
    jenny at dapperhouse recently posted..Free Printables for Tea Bag FUNMy Profile

  10. This looks like my kind of pillow!
    Sofia recently posted..Weekend LinksMy Profile

  11. A good pillow makes a world of difference! I love the removable cover on this one, will have to took into!
    barb W. recently posted..One Small Step Per Day, One Giant Leap for Health! #lovehealthyme #wwsponsoredMy Profile

  12. Man, that thing looks so comfy!

  13. I am always in search of an awesome pillow. That one looks so fluffy and comfortable!

  14. I’m glad you found this pillow for her. I have dust mite allergies, too. But I’m not wiping down the walls bi-weekly for myself. I would’ve never even thought to do that.

  15. What a great idea. I need to look into this for my daughter. She has awful allergies.
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Password Manager App to the Rescue!My Profile

  16. OH my I need this!!! I have pet and dust mite allergies and wake up stuffy everyday.
    Jennifer Soltys recently posted..NEUTROGENA® Skin Care Solutions GiveawayMy Profile

  17. I need to get two of these one for each of my younger two kids. Need to help them be more comfortable however I can!

  18. Can I ask you how did you find out about a dust mite allergy? This pillow looks really comfortable I’m glad that your daughter sleeping better
    Amanda recently posted..Apple Cherry Homemade Baby Food Popsicles for ToddlersMy Profile

  19. I so need this for my daughter who has asthma.
    Mama to 5 BLessings recently posted..Link Up Your Giveaways @ Super Saturday Link Up (Giveaway Linky)My Profile

  20. Oh…I’ll have to look more into these. I don’t have a dust mite allergy..just a dust allergy so I have special covers on my pillows and then regular pillow cases to keep the dust under control. I bet these would work too! Thanks.
    Wendy | Around My Family Table recently posted..Steak & Pepper Sandwiches #15MinuteSuppersMy Profile

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