Waterfall Braid- Cute Hairstyles For Girls


My daughters love to have their hair done. My oldest loves for me to fix her hair. My skills are pretty limited.  Even as a kid, there are only a few things I have done with my hair. I know the basic braid, a mermaid’s tail, which is really a fishtail braid but since Serenity has always loved mermaid we call it a mermaid’s tail, and the french braid. A few years ago, I saw some cute pictures of hair styles my friends did on their kids and thought, I have to start looking for more cute things to do with the girls’ hair.



Waterfall Braid- Cute Hairstyles For Girls


When Serenity got her hair cut before school, we went to Sweet and Sassy and they did a beautiful waterfall braid. Since it was so cute, I wanted to recreate it for her. I found a great video online that shows how to make it. It is pretty simple.

My first attempts at a waterfall braid. It was pretty easy. Start by doing a regular braid. Take 3 pieces up at the top. As you start to braid you are going to do a lace braid, which means only picking up pieces of hair from one side. Then as you pick up a piece, you are going to drop a piece on the other side. Keep going for as long as you plan the braid to be.

Waterfall Braid- Cute Hairstyles For Girls 1

This is such a cute and easy braid. In Serenity’s hair this works pretty well. If I drop the entire piece on the bottom side, the braid does not stay and will slip out. I found what works best for her hair is to drop half of the piece.

In Willow’s hair, the braid completely falls out. Her hair is too fine for it.

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