A few days late to the idea but… #365feministselfie in #2014


I am the person behind the camera. I shutter at the though of my picture being taken. All of those negative thoughts about my self. Too fat, my face looks awful, ugly, broken out, whatever.

At times I go through these times when I think my kids will have nothing to look back on and remember me. Then I get really good at taking my picture. But it never lasts, the negative thoughts always come back and win.

My kids are all about selfies., even Willow. Then the other day, my daughter who is 10, started I on delete that picture, I look awful. Or if she is playing around and taking pictures with herbeithers, she won’t let them post it on Facebook until she knows she looks ok.


Did she get that from me? Or society? Either way, I want to teach my girls how to be strong and confident about who they are. So,I order to change that, I have to be the positive example for them.


When I heard about #365feministselfie, I was curious. The idea came in response of the criticism to selfies. And that people who take and post them, do it because they want attention and it is a cry for help. Since I agreed and I am sick of seeing these size 2, completely fake, air brushed Barbie dolls in the media, people are taking back what real women look like. I am going to try and join these strong women and take a daily selfie, or at least a weekly selfie and change the way I think, and try to show my girls beauty comes in all forms. Different doesn’t mean flawed.

My first #365feministselfie



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