Making Christmas Tree Treats with the Girls


Who says kids can not play with their food? My kids love treats that are hand on before eating them, It makes being in the kitchen fun in the first place.

Our cookie making day  with ShamSham (my mom) last week was canceled because of the weather. We were pretty bummed out by it. I wanted to lift the girls’ spirits so we looked at what was on hand and we got busy. We made Christmas Tree Treats.

Christmas Tree Treats

What you need:

Sugar Cones– You need the pointed kind of ice cream cones.

Icing and food coloring. We made outs a light green, in the pictures it still looks kind of white, but who can argue with 2 little girls who missed out on making cookies with their Grandmother.

Sprinkle– Lots and Lots of Sprinkle

Candy for decorating

Christmas Tree Treats

I recommend, also, patience. my kids ate about as much as they were putting on their trees. There were a few disagreements over sharing the sprinkles, and quite a bit of mess.

Christmas Tree Treats

Start by coloring the icing. We wanted a light green tree. Slather the cone with icing.

Christmas Tree Treats

Then start decorating. Add MM candies as ornaments. Add lots of sprinkles for glitter.

Christmas Tree Treats

We used a little white icing around the bottom as snow and the kids added more sprinkles on there. It became a sprinkle free for all. But it also made for very happy girls.

Christmas Tree Treats

TADA. Eat when ready.

Christmas Tree Treats



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  1. karen medlin says

    Looks like a lot of fun!! I just did these this morning at little guys PreK class. They used the big waffle cones and I eneded up breaking the top off so it would sit on our paper plate. They used mini marshmallows and skittles for their. I can believe your little ones ate just as much as what ended up on their tree.! Thank You sharing.

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