Wee Felt Worlds- Sweet Little Scenes to Needle Felt Crafts


I love making crafts and my kids love to play things that we make. When we received a copy of Wee Felt Worlds- Sweet Little Scenes to Needle Felt to review, we were thrilled. I have done crafts with felt before and I have done yarn crafts before but I had never ventured into the world of roving. Roving is essentially carded wool drawn into long continuous strands. It is available online and in small and large craft stores. It comes in al kinds of colors. IN general, the medium to coarse wool works best for needle felting.

Wee felt worlds- Needle felt Crafts

To make these needle felt crafts, all you really need is wool roving a felting needle and somewhere to work. That means, for little investment, people can jump in and start making the fun scenes in this book. Scenes like a forest campout, complete with trees, campfire a bear and his pup or Little Miss Crafty and her crafting area. If dinosaurs make your little one happy, there is a dinoland, with several types of dinosaurs, including my favorite a stegosaurus, fossils and a nest with eggs. In our house, aliens is a big theme (does that explain the Alien StickMan?) so we can make a spaceship, alien girl, a planet, and an alien living room. Kids can play with a circus, a candy shop, a science lab, a woodland that can also go along with the camp out scene, or even a pirate island. The pirate island contains a pirate map, pineapple tree skull, and a crab. There is even a Deck the Halls scene to make.

How much fun for kids to have a hand in making these cute play scenes or knowing that someone cared enough to make these scenes for them. One year, I made my kids food for their play kitchen with felt, and even now 6 years later, while it may be Ā tattered and beat up, we call it well-loved, it is still their favorite part of playing kitchen. These play scenes can be that for many children.



  1. This is awesome for the little kids! What a fun craft!

  2. That’s adorable. I have always wanted to try felting. I have a friend who makes some gorgeous little animals felting.
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  3. So cute. I bet my kids would love that!
    Melanie S. recently posted..Ju-Ju-Be Earth Leather: The Coolest Invention EverMy Profile

  4. This sounds like something fun for my son. PS – I love that you call stuff “Well Loved”. LOL – I use that same phrase for some of my son’s stuffed animals. :)

  5. How cute and fun !
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  6. my daughter and her friends love making things like this–great idea–thanks for sharing :)
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  7. I love using felt and this is such a great craft for the younger crowd. Love it!

  8. So fun! I’m not very good with a needle but I’d love to try these for my kids!

  9. Those are fun. When I taught K/1 15 years ago we had felt boards and toys that the little ones loved…

  10. Those little crafts are so cute! I’ve wanted to try my hand at little felt creatures, but just didn’t know where to start or have the time to get seriously to figure it out. But I really do enjoy them.
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  11. those are so cute and look like a lot of fun for little kids. i was never patient enough or crafty enough to try to make anything like this for mine. your kids are lucky!
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