DIY Cute Keychain MemoPads

I love crafts. Before I started working from home it seems like I had more time to complete them. Or maybe it was before I had 4 kids, all of which have a very active life that seems like it requires 3 of me to keep up with it and all the places I need to be. But I still like to find time to squeeze them in when I can.

A few years ago, one of the kids came home with a fundraiser at Christmas. It was the typical Christmas holiday fundraiser: A bunch of knick knacks that my family would make faces at if I bought for them and over priced wrapping paper. The catalog did have one thing that grabbed my attention. There were cute little notepads on a key chain. They were suggesting them for kids backpacks.

I fell in love with the idea, but since they wanted $10 for 2 small note pads, there was just no way. My kids would tear through those papers in less than a week, so there was just no way I could justify that kind of money, even if it did help the school.

DIY Tear Off Note Pads

I have thought about those  tear off notepad for years. But I never seemed to have everything I needed to make it, all at once. When I finally had everything, in the craft bins I decided a note pad would be a super cute end of the year teacher gift for Serenity’s teacher.

Homemade Tear Off Notepad


First I gather some really cute scrapbook paper. I bought mine at Michael’s’ on sale. You can buy each paper individually but I choose a packet of coordinating papers.

Using a paper punch or you can trace your own template, punch or cut out paper. You can make a design or just a square. A circle would be really cute too.

After you have gotten all of the papers in a nice stack, use a regular hole punch to punch a hole through the whole stack.

If you prefer to have a tear off type pad, use rubber cement on the edge. This isn’t necessary, but it adds a cute touch. If you decide to cement it, let it dry before going to next step.

Feed the key chain ring through the pages at the punched hole. I didn’t have a traditional key ring, so I used what I had. These are like lanyard holders. I fed the holed section through the opening and the person can use the clip end to attach it where they want it.Homemade Tear Off Notepad

And that is the tear-off  key chain pad. The make adorable gifts, and kids get a kick out of making their own notepad to attach to their school bags.

Homemade Tear Off Notepad



  1. That is awesome! I could definitely use that to help me always keep track of my little note pads. Plus it is so cute!
    Amber Edwards recently posted..Wreath Tutorial | 4th of July DIY Patriotic Wreath #crafts for Independence DayMy Profile

  2. Robin Wilson says:

    What a great idea that you have come up with (well via the fundraiser perhaps) that is easy and fun to make. These would be a lot of fun to make with the kids and that they could gift to someone. Perhaps drawing a picture of something on the first page! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is such a cute idea! Even an uncrafty person like myself could pull this one off!
    Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom recently posted..Easy Southern Peach Cobbler RecipeMy Profile

  4. Oh these are just too cute!
    Amber K recently posted..Potty Training Tips For #PullUpsPottyBreaksMy Profile

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