Bel Essence- Anti Aging Cream


I was sent a sample of Bel Essence Anti wrinkle cream to try to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.


I know that as I get older, I can see a few wrinkles creeping in on my face. Of course, who wants that, so I started to look into creams that are suppose to help. Thankfully the lines that I have gotten are small and not that defined. But I know that if I start a great routine now, it will decrease the lines, plus will help me to not get anymore.

I was recently contacted by Bel Essence Anti-Wrinkle cream. Bel Essence is a skincare company creating natural and organic products that nourish the skin so your skin can heal, regenerate and renew itself.  Bel Essence combines natural plant oils that are the richest sources of vitamins, fatty acids and omegas 3, the building blocks for collagen and elastin production, and cell regeneration.  The oil and cream are safe, natural and with regular use, have amazing results.

Bel Essence All Natural Anti Wrinkle Cream

When the jar arrived, I was very impressed with the ingredients. It is 100% natural. It is filled with great oils: avocado, shea, grape-seed, coconut, organic argan, meadowfoam seed, sesame, almond, and kuku nut oil. There are a few other ingredients as well. I also love that it is paraben free.

Bel Essence All Natural Anti Wrinkle Cream


The cream is easy to use. Apply a small amount once or twice a day. I love how soft and moisturized my face feels when I use it. There is also no smell to it. I hate when I use a face cream that is scented, even if it just the ingredient smells. Because it is on my face, the smell just gets to strong.

I have been using the cream for 2 months and while I haven’t noticed a reduction in my lines, I have noticed that my skin looks glowing and no longer has any dry spots to it. It is the only moisturizer that I need. Like I said my lines are fine, so I think it could be a bit hard to see a dramatic difference on my skin as well.

You can get the Bel Essence from their website for $31.95. The jar is 1.5 ounces, and after using mine for 2 months,  the jar still looks full.  A little goes a long way.


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