Smile Brilliant Teeth whitening System review and Giveaway (US 3-2)


I have always wanted beautiful white teeth. The kind that seem to sparkle when I smiled. But my teeth have always been a more yellow color. Even a kid. It wasn’t from not brushing, it was just the natural color. Of course as I got older, they became more and more stained and looked yellower and yellower. I had tried lots of teeth whitening systems, but I never seemed to get a dramatic effect from them. They were never something that I would continue to pay for because it just wasn’t noticeable. But I wasn’t willing to give up. I knew there hadn’t to be one out there that would give me results that I could be happy with.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

I recently tried Smile Brilliant. This system is a bit different. Besides the whitener gel, and mouth guard mold, it also had a LED light that helps to speed up the process. The LED light is attached to a mouth guard like you would normally use. I wasn’t sure about the light at first, and my kids found it comical, but it seems to have worked wonders.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

I used the whitening system for the first few days consistently. I wasn’t sure if I was really seeing results, or seeing it because I was actively looking at my teeth. After the second week, I asked a friend, who is obsessed with teeth, if she could see a difference. She said she could she s small bit of a difference, but wouldn’t have seen it if I didn’t mention it. By the third week, she could see a difference. It still wasn’t movie star white, but it was an improvement.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

I like how easy the system is to use. The whitening pen make applying the gel very easy. I basically just paint it on. Once the gel is painted on, I can leave it like that, but the gel comes off quickly, but can be ok if I am out and about and just trying to add a quick boost. I can use the molded tray, even in the car, or if I am at home and have the time, I can use the light for a longer time. The gel doesn’t have an awful taste like some of the other gels is have had in the past. It has a minty flavor to it.

Overall, it is a system I would buy again. I like the ease of it and the results. The kit costs $39.99. It can be ordered from their website along with other whitening products.

And now Smile Brilliant is offering to send one US resident the same kit I received.


Contest ends 3-2-13 11:59pm est.

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  1. michelle oakley warner says

    i have not tried their products but by the looks of the stuff on their site, they have some pretty cost effective ways to whiten teeth. i like the little whitening machine you can take with you

  2. ky2here says

    I’ve used the whitening pen and did not like it as well as a competitor’s whitestrips however I may not have used it as smartly as I could have. I”ll all excited about the LED light and how that might help the process.

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