Unique Cute Shark Slippers Eating Those Feet


I am a knitter. I have been knitting for years. And I love it. One thing I have always want to get good at, it crochet. I keep finding some of the cutest patterns that make me want to master it, but for some reason, no matter how many times I try it, I just can not seem to get they hang of it.

You know those crochet patterns that are just so stinkin’ cute, you must have what ever it is. It is often something for the kids, maybe a super cute owl hat, or kitten gloves, or the thing I recently found, which my kids fell in love with, shark slippers, from grabahook.com.

Super cute and easy to make Crochet Shark Slippers. Don't like to crochet, that's ok. You can buy them too.

These slippers are not just for kids either. They can be made into adult sizes as well. They would be perfect for a teen who loves sharks or the adult with a quirky sense of humor. What child would fight putting on their slippers, and keeping them on, when it looks like a shark is eating up their leg?

Now normally, I would see these really cool slipper, and be really sad. I would to order the pattern, but since I can not crochet, I would close the page. But with Grab A Hook offers completed pairs of these shark slippers. Now my kids and I can enjoy these fun, funky slippers despite my inability to crochet.

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