Kitchen Makeovers


I have talking a lot lately about making over the house and DIY projects. It has kind of become my newest obsession. I have always been into crafts and DIY but now it seems like everywhere I look around my house all I can see are the things I want to demo and replace. Maybe it is all the home remodeling shows I have been watching.

I have started in Willow’s room. I have painted and next comes the bed I plan to build her. Then will be finishing the living room which I have started to tear up. Eventually, I want to get to Serenity’s room and my room. The boys’ room was redone when Willow was born so that is way down the list. The room I would love to do the most is my kitchen, but it is so far down the list. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming about all the things I would do in there if I could.

There is no storage space to speak of. The walls are discolored. The tiles have holes in them. I am in desperate need of a new refrigerator. Oh man, this thing is ancient. The one piece on the door is held on with packing tape and the seal is so bad it never stays closed. But even worse than the fridge is the stove. I dream of all the beautiful range cookers I see on the home improvement shows. When I actually have free time I end up browsing websites like Britannia, planning what kind I want to order. Do I want an oven that rest in the wall or a large range that has 2 ovens to it. Imagine all the baking I can do then.


Ok, so realistically, my kitchen isn’t that bad. It isn’t falling down around me, but you know that feeling that once you spot something, you can’t stop looking at it, and it just seems to keep growing and getting worse and worse.

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