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So this post has taken me much longer to write this year than I had wanted it to. Between the kids getting sick, I had a server transfer, and then I got sick, it seems 2013 has had a rough start for me. But I am finally getting around to some of the posts that I have wanted to write.

organize spaces

One of my plans for the New Year is to organize my disaster of a house. If you have ever closely looked at the pictures I post, in the background, everything is a mess. It isn’t that I do not clean, it is that I have no where to go with it all. I live in a very small house with too many people. So it is important that I find ways to organize my house. Here are just a few posts I have found around the web, just to get started. Hopefully, they can be useful to you organize spaces, too.
How to Organize a Small Kitchen
Home Organization tips from a Lazy Mom
Organizing Small Spaces
Getting organized with products from Westminster Mall (A post of after pictures)
Organize your office with repurposed goodies
Upcycled Ribbon Organizer
Outdoor Toy Organization
Printable Storage Labels
DIY Playroom Hangers
organized kids’ arts and crafts closet
Bringing Delightful Order to my Linen Closet

Have you reorganized your place lately? Do you have any tips? I would really love to hear them. I am an organizational disaster!

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  1. Heather! says

    My favorite organizing tip is to use over-the-door shoe holders…the kind with the plastic pockets. I use a few of them. One has all my sunglasses in it, which is awesome because the size is PERFECT, and I can see them all at the same time, so choosing which ones I want is easy. I also use them for health and beauty supplies and miscellaneous ‘stuff’. One of the best things I ever discovered! :)

  2. diane says

    Thanks for sharing Home Organization tips from a Lazy Mom! I have a lot more house still to organize and just need to get motivated!

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