JulesWraps- the ultimate seat belt sleeve #Giveaway (1/18 US/CA)


I admit it, I Hate Wearing My Seat Belt. I use to not wear it at all. Before I get yelled at, I know it is the law, I know it is safer, and I know that I should. But seriously, I hate it. I always make sure my kids have their seat belts on and wearing them correctly, and then I would get in the car and I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I felt like I couldn’t move, it would dig into my neck and leave weird marks and creases on my clothes.

When my daughters started to hound me to put my seat belt on, of course I needed to be a good example and put it on. But I still had all the same issues, so I would tuck it under my arm. I knew it wasn’t the right way but at least it is on, right? No? OK fine!

When I was given the chance to try JulesWraps, a seat belt sleeve made in fashionable colors and patterns for women, I was intrigued. A while back I had reviewed a seat belt animal cover for kids, and thought what a great idea. It made the belt more comfy to wear for my girls and made them enjoy wearing their seat belt. I remember thinking, adults need something like that. And here it is.

JulesWraps-  the ultimate seat belt sleeve

The JulesWrap goes on the seatbelt by wrapping around the belt, where you would have the belt cross your chest down to the buckle.

JulesWraps-  the ultimate seat belt sleeve

It wraps around it and velcros shuts. The silky fabric is easy to move in place or moves out-of-the-way as you release the seat belt and it shorten back up. The silky fabric keeps the seat belt from cutting into me, or wrinkling my shirts, or causing pilling damage to my clothes.

JulesWraps-  the ultimate seat belt sleeve

Since women like choices when it comes to expressing their styles, and the designer of JulesWraps understands that, being a busy mom herself, there are many types of patterns to choose from. There are solids and florals, polka dots, water colors, and paisley prints. If you want something a little more on the wild side, choose tribal, animal or geometric prints.

JulesWraps-  the ultimate seat belt sleeve

The JulesWrap retails for $22 and can be bought online through their website. Be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter too. And now one lucky US or CA reader will get to win one of these JulesWraps for themselves. The contest ends January 18, 2013 11:59pm EST.


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