Fix-A-Flat An Easy Way to Be Prepared


So I seriously have the worst luck with cars. Since May, my vehicles have broken down 4 times, my husband had kids throw a rock at his window and shattered it, then he ended up with a flat tire, causing me to have to replace it, actually both because with the bad weather coming, he needs matching treads.

What my husband does for a living, is he drives. He drives about 300-350 miles each night, over night, and drives up to 2 1/2 hours away each night. Thankfully the night he got a flat, he was close by, almost home actually. He stopped off at the gas station to get air when he came out of one of the nursing homes he delivered medicine to and discovered his tire was almost flat. When he filled the tire with air, he could actually hear the HISS as the air was rushing out. If he had been further away from home, he would have had to change his tire over to the donut where he was.

Like most families, our money is spoken for already, especially by mid week. Since you are not suppose to drive much on a donut, and there was 4 more days until payday, it was not a fun idea to figure out how to get a new tire, and quickly. Enemy having to take it out of the next paycheck, a bill that costs me over $200, right before Christmas, is a hard bill to swallow. If only here was a way for us to fix the tire, without having to buy a new tire, right away.

I wish I had received my Fix-A-Flat kit before the tire problem. Sadly I had not even heard of it before. Have you heard of Fix-A-Flat? They have a new Ultimate kit that everyone, especially parents, should have in their vehicles.


The Fix-A-Flat® Ultimate 1-Step is similar to the kits that manufactures are using to replace spare tires and jacks in new vehicles. A sealants and air is injected into the tire through the same hose. It will inflate the tire in seven minutes. Besides being able to fix the flat and refill the tire, the in flavor in the kit can be used to add air to low tires without using the sealant. It even has a dial gage to make sure tires area inflated to they right inflation level. It is very important to have tires at the right levels. Too low and you are wasting gas, which is too expensive to waste, too high and you run the risk of a blowout which is way too dangerous to take lightly.

Once the kit has been used, there are refill kits available, so do not need to buy a whole new kit after using it. This saves money and waste. The Fix-A-Flat® Ultimate 1-Step kit is available for Wal-Mart for only $29.97. Think about the money you could save from having to buy a new tire because you have a leak. Think about the time will save not having to wait for the auto club to come if you have a problem with your tire, and you are not able to change the tire, or have someone help you. All just by have a small kit in the truck of your car.


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