Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt Review


My husband and I both have back issues. Mine started when I was 17 and someone hit me from behind while I was at a red light. It caused a long time issue of neck and back pain, a bulging disk and set me on a course of fibromyalgia flare ups. I have tried a ton of different treatments and while some things help a little, nothing has helped to any real degree.

As any busy mom knows, even if there is no underlying condition, picking up preschoolers and toddler, toys and clothes, plus being on your feet all day, can cause pain and discomfort through your back and knees. And there is no time to stop your day, because there is always something else to be done.

Dr. Ho's Decompression belt

I contacted about trying Dr. Ho’s Decompression Back Belt. I had never heard of anything like it, but since I am always trying to find a way, that doesn’t involve medicine to relieve my back pain, I was excited to try it. The Dr. Ho’s Decompression Back Belt is a way to provide the traditional decompression therapy in a portable back belt. Decompression therapy has been used for centuries, but normally with large equipment. When using the belt, after putting it around the waist snugly, it gets inflated using the pump included. The Decompression Back Belt works by expanding and that causes lower back muscles to stretch. This provides immediate pain relief anytime, anywhere.

Decompression chiropractic treatments can cost thousands of dollars, but Dr. Ho’s decompression back belt retails for only $160. That is a huge difference in savings. Plus, because everything is all together in a small package, it is easy to carry the belt with you anywhere. And there is not traveling off to a doctor’s office and trying to fit yet one more thing into your day. Since it can be used at home, in the car, at the office or wherever, pain relief is never far away.

Dr. Ho's Decompression Belt

Putting the belt on is not complicated at all. Simply wrap it around the waist, tighten, fasten and inflate.

decompression belt before and after
I was sceptical if the decompression belt would help any. When I put it on, I followed all the steps and then started to pump it up. I could feel it inflating and growing. I could feel it stretching my lower back and lengthening it. Since this was a feeling I knew from yoga, lengthening the spine, I was hopeful that after I wore the belt for the right amount of time, that I would feel better. I wore it as I sat working and at the end of 30 minutes, I took it off. I was thrilled that for the rest of the day, I did feel better. I have been using it once every day now, more if I am having a bad day, and I feel so much better. My lower back pain has improved a ton and I can even feel a difference, some, in my middle and upper back.

My husband has been using the belt as well. He wears it at night, while he is driving. He spends 14 hours a night in a car, so he tends to be very sore at night. He has noticed a drastic improvement in how he feels too. When he doesn’t have the belt inflated, he uses it for back support, while deflated, like those back support braces sold in stores and used by movers or warehouse workers.

If you suffer from any back discomfort, I highly recommend the Dr. Ho’s Decompression belt. You will be amazed at the difference you feel. Plus you can feel reassured buying from a company that is celebrating the 17th year of selling their products with a 100% guarantee. Right now, The Spring Mount 6 Pack readers will receive $10.00 off the Decompression Back Belt with this code: SPRINGMOUNT10. It is valid 1/15/2013 to 1/22/2013.

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  1. cathy says

    I ordered this belt for my husband this week and I am hoping and praying it will help him. He’s had back surgery and millions of epidurals. He’s on multiple prescriptions and fentynal patches. he wants his life back and he wants off these meds. 20 years in pain every single day has taken its toll

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