Family Flosser #Giveaway from Plackers (US 12/16)


At my kids’ last dentist visit, the dentist said that their teeth looked good, but because their teeth are so close together, they needed to do a better job flossing their teeth. While we always have dental floss for them, even the older kids have a hard time getting the floss down in between their teeth. Even as an adult, I have found getting to those back teeth in their small mouths, can be a task. Imagine how hard it can be for them to manipulate to get in there.

The dentist recommended those floss on a stick things, the disposable flossers, but I couldn’t imagine that would make things any easier for them, but I figured I would try anything because I really do not want them having any trouble with their teeth. I was pleasantly surprised when not only did it make it easier and much more efficient for them to floss their teeth, and keep me from having to get in there (for the younger 2), they actually all flossed without a problem, and actually made a point of flossing.

Flossers from Plackers

Plackers, who holds the patent on the first disposable flosser, and is the only brand of flosser to feature Super Tuffloss® high-performance floss, designed to not stretch, shred or break during use. Other Plackers innovations include OrthoPick®, specifically designed for people with braces, and PlackersKids flossers in brightly colored animal shapes and berry flavors to make them fun and easy for children to use.


Right now, Plackers is celebrating the flosser’s birthday with the “Plackers 40th Anniversary Match and Win Game”, with a grand prize of $40,000. Starting now, and lasting through June 2013, there will be special packs of Plackers flossers. Each specially marked package will have a chance to win. There is the $40,000 grand prize, and Plackers will also offer 10 first-prize winners an Apple® iPad®1.  Fifty second-prize winners will each receive an Apple® iPod nano®, and 500 third-prize winners will get a year’s supply of innovative Plackers flossers. What a fun way to get the kids excited to floss. Plackers is giving away prizes and making it easier!

Also Plackers is giving one lucky reader of The Spring Mount 6 Pack a chance to win a Family Flosser gift pack that includes one full-size package each of Micro Mint, Twin Line, GentleSlide, Orthopick (for people with braces), Plackers Kids flossers (in fun animal shapes with tasty berry-flavored floss) plus a reusable travel toiletries kit. The total prize value is approximately $25. One of the flosser packs will be specially marked so your reader has a chance to win the $40kgrand prize! So who knows what else you could win.

Contest is open to US residents and end 12/16 11:59 pm est.

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  1. Marthalynn says

    I’ve never tried Plackers before, but I’m intrigued! I also like their kids’ toothbrushes! Especially the ABC’s one.

  2. Heather! says

    I don’t think we’ve ever used Plackers, though we use a product that seems similar. I would also love to try the Orthopick Flosser for Braces (or rather, my stepdaughter would)!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

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