Feed the Woozle Game Review and Giveaway (US 8/29)


We love to play games. The problem, a lot of times, Willow wants to play and many of the games that the big kids want to play, Willow can not play. She has to be on “someone’s team” and that is frustrating for her. It is also frustrating for the person she plays with because she tends to grab and throw a fit because she just wants to play and she just doesn’t get that she is only 2.

With Feed the Woozle from Peaceable Kingdom, she gets to play just like a big kid. Feed the Woozle is a cooperative game, where the children work together to feed the Woozle 12 snacks before the snacks run out, with 3 playing levels.20120814-212204.jpg

It focuses on gross and fine motor skills, dexterity and counting skills. If the snacks fall on the floor they are out of play, and when the snacks are done, the game is over. The first level, the kids roll the dice and have to take turns carrying that many snacks over to the Woozle, which is set up on a table (in our case on the floor) and feed him. In the 2nd level, there is a spin master, who spins the spinner and tells the players which crazy way they have to take the food to the Woozle, like walk backwards, act crazy, bunny hop or spin.



In the 3rd level, the kids are either blindfolded or just doing it with their eyes closed and their team mates have to direct them to the Woozle, while they perform the silly task.


For us, to keep the wide range of abilities interested, I have the big kids perform at the 3rd level while either I direct them or they direct each other and Willow does it at level 2. It is the only way to keep everyone wanting to play and it honestly keeps them playing for several rounds. Improvision is the key with a wide variety of ages.

Feed the Woozle was just honored as an American Specialty Toy Retailers Association’s Best Toys for Kids winner, in the “Games Play” 3-7 years category. Plus, the game gets kudos from National Autism Resources, saying cooperative games are helpful therapeutic tools, and Feed the Woozle is therapist Amy Smith’s favorite. Visit Peaceable Kingdom, would help them learn more about the many cooperative and other educational games the company makes, along with stickers and cards.

And now is your chance to win Feed the Woozle. One US reader can win a game for themselves. The contest ends 8/29/12 11:59 pm est.

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  1. Jessica Eaton Ledford says

    I learned they sell scratch & sniff stickers! I didn’t realize they still made those…gonna have to get some for my daughter :)

  2. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    they order office supplies from Give Something Back, a local office supply store that donates a portion of its profits to non-profit organization
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  3. ronda peyton says

    Since 1983 Peaceable Kingdom has created fresh, fun, award-winning products for kids that educate, inspire and tickle funny bones!

  4. Sandy VanHoey says

    Products, chosen on the basis of over 30 years practical child development experience, are complemented by coaching in thoughtful reviews, showing parents how to best use each toy, game or book to build language.

  5. Sarah Harding says

    they use sustainable and eco-friendly materials like FSC and recycled papers, soy-based inks, and corn-based plastics whenever they can

  6. kendra W says

    Feed the Woozle requires no reading so the youngest members of the family can join in as they improve
    their motor skills and fine tune their social development

  7. Gianna says

    Peaceable Kingdom’s Preschool Skills-Builder Cooperative Game, Snug as a Bug in a Rug has been awarded the 10 Best Educational Products of 2012 by Dr. Toy!


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