PSI Bands- Natural Relief for Nausea



I suffered from horrible nausea during my pregnancies and it was crippling. I simply could not function. I had tried everything. With Serenity the doctors had to hospitalize me several times because I just couldn’t stay hydrated and I couldn’t keep things down. They gave me drugs they give to patients on chemotherapy and I still threw up and was so sick. Nothing worked. Back in those days I had not even heard of Psi Bands.

When I was pregnant with Willow, and started to go down the same track again, I was so desperate for relief I searched the internet for something that could help me. I read about Psi bands, and wanted to try them. Psi Bands are based on a pressure point in your wrist.  When pressing on the pressure point, it relieves the nausea. I used them until the end of my pregnancy but then I didn’t need them anymore. Even though they are reusable, I didn’t keep them because I wasn’t planning on needing them. My baby days were done.

wearing PSI Bands

These days, Anthony is the sufferer. He suffers from awful car sickness. He gets sick after only a few minutes. He doesn’t throw up, but he feels just plain lousy. So when I was offered a new and improved Psi Bands to try, I was happy to. The bands are made of a sturdy plastic.  The ones we are trying out are plain black but for people who want a more stylish band there are several more colorful or decorative bands to choose from.

decorative 5 pack of psi bands

So, sadly we really put the bands to the test on the day we planned to go Sesame Place and ended up so lost. Our 1 hour trip ended up being 4 very long hours. And Anthony felt mostly fine. That doesn’t sound like I am saying a lot but I really am. Anyone suffering from nausea from morning sickness,  motion sickness, chemotherapy or any reasons should look into Psi Bands.



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  1. Jeannette says

    I have always wondered whether something like this would work. I get car sick when we drive on curvy roads (I live in the mountains – not a good combo) so I’m going to have to look into these. It would be so much better thank always riding with my head between my legs – LOL!
    Jeannette recently posted..Nutrisystem Week 31: Where do I Go from Here?My Profile

  2. Sharon says

    These bands are definitely worth trying! I get nausea from sinus problems a lot! This would be a simple,easy treatment.
    Thanks for the Review!

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