Naturally Playful® Woodland Climber™ From Step2


Recently the girls were given the chance to review the Naturally Playful Woodland Climber from Step2. We were very excited. The girls were in need of new play equipment. So the timing was perfect. We have it in the driveway right now because we are reseeding the yard and we can’t play in the grass right now. Luckily the equipment is sturdy and heavy enough to stay out, but lightweight enough for us to move it whenever we want .

It comes in several large pieces that are very easy to put together.

It features a ton for the kids to do on it. There is the steps to climb up to get to the main play area.

Willow loves the steering wheels. She loves to go straight for them when she climbs up.

There are 2 rock walls to climb up. One is a higher wall, that Serenity loves, and one is the perfect size for Willow.

There is a great area under the play area. It is great for the kids to sit and play. They can hide and hang out. It can also be used as a storage area. The kids store a few trucks, balls, and bubbles under there and still have room to hang out and play.

And of course there is the slide.


Look how much fun they have:

(I am so mad at myself, Serenity did the cutest pose at the top and I hit the button on the video and it got cut off. Doesn’t it figure…)

But as you can see the girl absolutely love their new climber. We spend every clear afternoon playing outside so this will get lots of use.


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  1. says

    So great! Our old swing set is on it’s last legs…if I were to buy again, i think I would definitely go with plastic vs wood. So much easier to maintain.
    Looks like the girls are LOVING it!
    Susan recently posted..The Next Big ThingMy Profile

  2. says

    looks like your little ones are having a blast! We have a wooden swing/ climber and my kids LOVE it… like someone else said plastic is easier to maintain.
    Amy recently posted..A Day SharedMy Profile

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