HoodiePet™ Review and Giveaway (5/19 US/CA)



My family is addicted to hoodies. We love them, all kinds. The softer the better. And for Serenity she loves all stuffed animals. So when I showed her the Hoodiepet I was sent for her to review, you can imagine her excitement. She now has a super soft hoodie and a really cute new monkey to hold and play with that is.  The monkey is attached to the front of the hoodie by velcro and comes off for her to play with.


The sweatshirt is a very high quality, super soft pull over with a small zipper in the front. The outer shell is made of 100% polyester and the inner shell is 100% cotton. Honestly I can’t feel the difference between the inside and the outside. I just want to snuggle up in it myself. Serenity is lucky it isn’t in my size, because she would never get to wear it again. The wrists have the hole for the thumb to stick through that my kids love so much.

The girls have been playing with the monkey pretty much non stop. If it isn’t on the front of serenity’s shirt, she has been playing with it. She has taken it in to school for sharing day, she has worn it to school everyday, even on the days it has been too warm to wear a sweatshirt to school, in my opinion, and she has been caught sleeping with it on a few nights. She loves it. The only problem is, Willow keeps taking her monkey.

You can order the Hoodiepets online for $29.99, as a kit, or purchase the animals separately for $7 and the sweatshirts for $24.99.

And one lucky winner can win a Hoodiepet sweatshirt of their own here from The Spring Mount 6 Pack.

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  1. Kiley P. says

    I like the pink hoodie with the bunny. If I win though I would have to let my daughter pick because she’d be one wearing it. lol

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