A Cookbook for Him- Entertain Like a Texas Gentleman Cookbook


If you are looking for a different type of gift this Father’s Day, how about a cookbook for meant for him? David Harap recently released his new cookbook called Entertain Like A Texas Gentleman. David Harap features menus and ideas for the superbowl parties, barbecues, dinner with coworkers, and even making dessert for a sweetheart or breakfast in bed. I was thrilled to see there even a section for cooking with the kids.

So I was wodnering what kind of recipes this cookbook would feature. What would fall into a Gentleman’s Cookbook? Recipes like bison lolipops in a  dried cherry sauce, dates stuffed with blue cheese mouse, olive oil poached halibut with mint lemon pesto and apple gingerbread bread pudding, just to name a few. If those do not make you mouth water…

You can find David’s cookbook on his website which also includes a recipe of the month, which right now, is dark chocolate tart with pretzel crust.

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