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Anthony is very sensitive and kind of emotional. He loves the sappy shows on tv and really sad songs that make people cry. I am not sure where he gets it from. Not me! I do not like slow songs on the radio, for the most part, I will almost always turn them. I do not like a sad movie; I must have one of the only female in the world who HATED Titanic. Anth is always asking me if I cried at this or if I cried at that.

It isn’t that I don’t get a sentimental and mushy like other moms. I do.  I was emotional when my children were born. I get teary when I am super proud of them. Or if they are hurting over something. But I just don’t want to become a blubbering mess and sad.

I am a channel surfer. I listen to every genre there is, have cds of everything, But there is a few songs that will stop me from turning them, and I will, occasionally, actually go out of my way and put them on. I know what they do to me. It always ends the same. Tears streaming down my face. I become one of the people I think are nuts. But I do it every time!

You’re Gonna Miss This

Don’t Blink

It won’t be like this for long

I know there are a few more, but honestly by the time I was done getting the links for these three I was a mess and my girls were hugging me telling me it was ok, making me feel better.


So what does it to you? What makes you a mess? Do you like watching the sad movie, or listening to sad songs? Or it just those few things that get you?


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  1. Sarah BB @ East9thStreet says

    Oh my gosh, those ASPCA commercials get me all the time! I also noticed my daughter is super sensitive to anything dealing with animals. She cried during Lady and the Tramp when she thought Lady had to sleep by herself!
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  2. Christina says

    I am probably the most emotional female on the planet! LOL I LOVE music, all kinds of music. Just like you, I’m a channel surfer except i do appreciate the sad songs. In fact many of the songs people cant stand to listen to because they say they are depressing make me happy. They are therapeutic to me. They make me happy because I can relate to them in some way from something I have been through in the past. When I listen to the songs, they make me happy to know I am not in that depressing place and remind me of how strong I am to have gotten through those hardships in life. So my little sister is getting married in January. I am not married yet. I love music so much often a song lyric will pop into my head when it is the way I am feeling, even if I haven’t heard that song in YEARS. Its crazy but I love it! Anyway, I have found myself thinking a lot about what the good songs would be for their first dance and her dance with daddy. Yesterday, I read through the lyrics of a few, including two of the above :) to my parents. Daddy made me stop after 3 songs because he started tearing up and he said he couldn’t take any more right now. Sound familiar? Anyway, the only one that really made me cry, so bad I had to catch my breath before I could even finish reading the lyrics, was My Little Girl by Tim McGraw. It’s weird cuz me n mom were discussing songs all morning and I had mentioned a few like You’re Gonna Miss This and Stealing Cinderella, but it wasn’t until I got home that My Little Girl just randomly popped in my head like I was talking about earlier. I had to look up the song to remember it all. I didn’t even know who sang it until I looked it up, but out of all the songs that have crossed my mind, this is the most perfect one for their dance. I didn’t even get through the chorus the first time and was crying ridiculously! It was really stupid. They are bittersweet tears because I am overwhelmed with joy for my sister and so proud of the woman she has become, but at the same time I am sad to know this changes everything. We will never be little girls who play with barbies or dolls again. We haven’t been close in a long time, and I feel like she is slipping away, and will continue to become more distant as time goes on and she has a new family and a family of her own. This is what has made me cry the most lately.

      • says

        Yes, I know that one too. It gets me too. I think the ones that get me are the ones about my kids growing up. There is 2 others Don’t take the Girl and Holes in the Floor of Heaven, but they are because of my daughter…

  3. Heather! says

    I am not a cryer, either, but yes…I have to admit there are some things that get me very weepy. As somebody else mentioned, animal abuse always gets me, and I literally get teary nearly every day when I read some of the emails I get from animal rights action groups. There are a few movies that get me, and a few songs. I don’t listen to country music much, but when I hear ‘How Can I Help You to Say Goodbye’ by Patti Loveless, forget it. I’m sobbing by the end!

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