Bella Cucina- Beautiful Kitchen- Restaurant Review


It is rare that hubby and I are able to enjoy some time together without it being rushed here and there. We were lucky and he was able to have the day off on Friday. Jimmy is always hesitant to try a new place because he can be rather fussy when it comes to food, but we decided to try Bella Cucina. Bella Cucina is locate at 1461 N Gravel pike, Perkiomenville, PA 18074

The last time we had been to this restaurant, it had been another pizza place, that had a fire. That place was then bought by another set of owners and we had heard hadn’t done so well. Since these new owners had owned it for about 2 and half years, we were hopeful that the pizza would be good.

When you pull in to the parking lot, you first see a beautiful patio with tables, if you choose to eat outside.

You head inside and find 2 sets of seating which in our case was nice because the one side felt more secluded. We had Willow with us and I didn’t want to bother any other customers. That is just  a personal preference.

Dining room one

Dining room two

The owner welcomed us as soon as we walked into the door and asked if we were eating in or taking out. When we said eating in, we were to sit where ever we wanted and he would be right with us.

The place has been remodeled absolutely beautifully. You can learn to beautify rooms like this with an interior design degree. There is a mirrored wall designed in the back of the one dinning section. Looking like an etched glass type. I had never seen one like that before on a wall.

There was the soups of the day on a board as soon as you came in, which I love because I love soup and I hate trying to figure out what soups there are and waiting to decide. There were 3 soups to choose from, all homemade fresh on site, another huge bonus for me. A home french onion soup, which I had to have and it was so delicious, a chicken soup, and vegetable soup. I honestly wish I could have had an appetite to try them all because if they tasted half as good as the french onion, I would have been in heaven.

We ordered a large extra cheese pizza and order of french fries, along with our drinks. The food came out very fast, very hot, and was amazing. The french fries were perfect. The serving size fed all 3 of us, and actually we left about 1/4 of them there. When we order a pizza, we always order extra cheese. jimmy is a cheese nut. I mean, extra cheese still leaves him looking for more cheese. This pizza had so much cheese, we could have actually order regular cheese and had been fine. There was so much cheese, Jimmy only ate 2 slices of pizza and was full, which is rare for him. I only ate a half of a slice, but I was full from the soup. The big kids were thrilled that we were full, because when they came home from school, they scarfed down the pizza, only managing one slice each and they were full. Even the teen age boys! But the results were the same. We all agree, 4 1/2 stars out 5 from the whole family.

Along with many other features and deals I learned about while speaking with the owner, if you are looking for a place to eat out on a Saturday night and have little ones, Bella Cucina has their kids meals at a discounted price of 99 cents while eating in the dining room. Well, if you are a loyal reader, you know me and that is a major bonus. Most places only offer deals like that on a weeknight that no one wants to go out on anyway, so a Saturday night deal is pretty sweet.

Bella Cucina is online where you can see their menu and you can also find them on Facebook. Be sure to stop by and “like” their page and show them some love. They deserve it. And by checking out their Facebook page, you get to hear about their deals and stay up to date.


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