A Day at the Lehigh Valley Zoo


One of my favorite places to go and spend the day, besides the beach, is the zoo.  With this beautiful weather, Willow and I decided to hang out with her future hubby and his mommy, my good friend Tiff, at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. I have always wanted to go there, but just never made it out there.

Lehigh Valley Zoo is located within Trexler Game Preserve in Schnecksville, Pa, which is about 20 -30 minutes from most locations within the Lehigh Valley; about one hour from Valley Forge, Reading, and parts of New Jersey; and about one hour and 20 minutes from Philadelphia, Manhattan, and the Poconos. For me, it is about 45 minutes away.

We could not have asked for a better day, not too hot, just right in a sweat shirt.  We arrived kind of early, around 10:30, since I had to be home to get Serenity off the bus. As soon as we entered the zoo, the first animals we saw were the penguins. Now we love the penguins, our house has penguins everywhere, so Willow was so excited.

Because it was close to feeding time, the penguins were very responsive to the people walking around and the sounds of the golf carts. So they were walking along the edges of the enclosure right up to where we were. This just tickled the kids silly, and me too.

When the zoo keepers came, of course, the penguins took off, but as they were eating we got to watch and hear all about what they eat, and about the penguins themselves.

I am a photo junkie, and I love photo ops. I also love when a place offers a lot of interactive things for kids. Even though the zoo seems like by itself it should be interactive enough, kids want to be able to “do” things, not just look.  Willow wanted to pose as the animals.

The exhibits are great at this zoo. It may be a smaller zoo but you can get right up to the exhibits. You aren’t so far away from the animals that you can’t see anything.

I love prairie dogs. They are so stinking cute. And they are one of Serenity’s favorites. So I had to be sure to get a good picture of them for her.

I love the kangaroo enclosure. This was the neatest zoo exhibit I have ever seen at a small zoo. You can actually enter INTO the kangaroo area. So there is the mama kangaroo, the daddy, and the joey (the joey is hard to see back by the tree. It was busy playing and wouldn’t be still for a picture). You walk through the roped off area, with a guide. You can not go off the path, but the kangaroos roam as they wish in their area, so they can come to you if they wanted to. Sadly, for me, they didn’t want to be on the same side as we were that day.

After the kangaroos, we were off to the petting zoo area, which is one of Willow’s favorite areas. She loves the animals she can touch and feed. She will spend an hour there, easily, if I let her.

Besides the animals, the petting zoo, and the cut outs to take pictures in, there is the cafe to grab a bite to eat, the Nature Store to buy souvenirs, and a cute small lake for paddleboats. But there is also a train area and a playground.

We really enjoyed the day. The kids had a great time and loved everything about the zoo. It was the perfect size for a nice day out, just to spend a few hours, without feeling like it was a huge outing.

If you are looking to spend the afternoon at the Lehigh Valley Zoo, you can find the information about admission prices and hours online.

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  1. Shara @ wifetomom.com says

    Great photos! We love the beach and the zoo too :) We are hoping to make it to the zoo again before this Texas weather gets too hot.

  2. says

    This looks like so much fun!! I’ve been looking for something like this in our area (Oregon) but the only zoo here doesn’t let you get so close it seems.

  3. Robyn says

    it looks like you had a wonderful time! we keep trying to plan a trip to the zoo before it gets too hot, will be our first time taking our daughter.

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