Letters from Santa- Review


“He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness’ sake!”

What better way to show a child that Santa is watching than a letter from Santa. I received the opportunity to review a letter from Santa. I knew this would be a big hit in my house.

I went on their website to pick the letters I wanted and fill in the personal information. There were 3 letters to choose from, which is great because  this way the girls would have different letters, adding a much more real feel to it. The website is easy to navigate. I filled in the information for each letter and then submitted it. I want to add that I could have chosen, also, a letter from Rudolph or Frosty. So even if Santa isn’t a regular person of interest for your holidays, there is always Frosty as well.


When the letters arrived, Serenity was so excited to see her name on the letter. Joey was in complete puzzlement on how the letters come to the house. He accused me of sending it to her, but with the North Pole post mark, I was able to prove to him that I could not have mailed it because I would have to be in the North Pole in order to get that post mark on it.



As Serenity read her letter, her face lit up as Santa told her to keep working hard at cheerleading, that he will be coming to Spring Mount and to tell Gina he said hello. Since Gina was right next to her, you can imagine the girls went nuts.



After reading Serenity’s, we read Willow’s. What was really neat was the girls knew Santa had written Willow’s before writing Serenity’s because in Willow’s he said he needed to wax his sleigh. In Serenity’s letter, he was taking a break from waxing. Pretty cool.

So what child would not love to have a letter of their own to read over and over again? You can buy one for yourself here or you can enter to win one. The people at Letters From. are offering to give one of my readers their own personalized letter from Santa.

Watch the posts tomorrow for the giveaway to start. Be sure to enter and give your sweet little one a great letter to bring a smile to their face.


I was given 2 letters for free to review but all opinions are mine and were not influenced in any way.

Disclosure: The Spring Mount 6 Pack receives compensation for working with sponsors. Not all posts are sponsored or contain affiliate links. Materials provided, ie: images, trailers and/or activities were provided by our source. UNLESS Stated otherwise.



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