Planning a Wedding just got a little easier


Today is my anniversary. My husband and I have been married for 15 years. I can not believe it has been 15 years since we decided to get married in that park. I have to laugh when I think of our wedding. We certainly did not do things in a traditional way. We called all of our family and said, guess what. We are getting married in the park next week if you would like to be there.
My niece just [...]

Working from Home and Why I Shop Online


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As soon as people hear that I work from home they almost always say, I wish I could work from home. It would be so much easier. I smile and say, yes I love it. But here is the thing. Working from home is actually a lot harder than you think.
Unexpected Visitors: First of all, people show up unannounced because you are home. And you get asked to do this [...]

Think a Car Can’t Be Sexy?

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Think a car can’t be sexy? Wondering what the fuss is about? The New Chevy Cruze will show you. With sleek lines, a great price point and gas miles to match, this Fashion hit will teach those models a thing or 2.

But Mom, I’m Bored- Boredom Busters

Nautral Face paint

I received some of the items in this post for review. All thoughts are my own.
My kids have a week and a half until school starts. And we have gone way past the days of playing happily together. We have hit the “don’t touch my toys”, “Mom she is looking at me”, “I miss my friends”, and “I can not wait to go back to school” days. And I get it. We are all feeling it. So I have had [...]

How Do You Look Online

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity
We all know this people on our Facebook streams that when you log on, you know there will be certain things. Maybe there will be 15 new selfies. Or maybe someone is always talking about how great they are and that they have this opportunity. Or maybe they are the opposite, the sky is always falling on them.
So what is your social personality?

After School Snacks Cheese Sauce Recipe: Kids in the Kitchen

Making #AfterSchoolSnacks with my girls #CBias #Shop

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My kids are hungry. I know a lot of parents say that their kids eat all the time, but seriously, it is all the time. There is breakfast, a late breakfast, lunch a second lunch, dinner and then of course, second dinner and there are snacks in between. Every day, all day. And with school starting in under 2 weeks, I [...]

Cythera – An Isolated Island Ideal for Relaxation and Discovery

Cythera – An Isolated Island Ideal for Relaxation and Discovery
Welcome to Cythera. This secluded Greek island can be found towards the south of the Peloponnese, a Greek peninsula. Although considered one of the seven Ionian Islands, it is isolated from the other six that are grouped together further north.
During the Medieval ages, Cythera was occupied by the Venetians, and this long-standing occupation left many sights of unique architecture to be discovered around the island. A fine example of this is [...]

Muppets Most Wanted is Here

Muppets most wanted

I received a copy of Muppets Most Wanted. All thoughts are my own.

My kids are so excited. All I have heard since the Muppets Most Wanted hit the theaters was how much they wanted to own it. And now they do. Muppets Most Wanted hit stores on August 12th. Have you seen it yet?

The Muppets movie is full of songs and and laughs. The Muppets are off on a world tour when things go very wrong.  The Muppets find themselves [...]

Four Simple Methods for Protecting Your Health While Traveling

Four Simple Methods for Protecting Your Health While Traveling
Whenever you travel, you put yourself at risk of becoming ill for any number of reasons, including simply being in a new place that your body is unaccustomed to. If you are traveling by plane, you should be aware of the fact that an airline cabin is often rife with germs due to the relatively large number of people sitting in close quarters with only recycled air to breathe. Since an illness [...]

Mocko-Taco Recipe: Meatless Taco Salad Recipe

Mocko Taco Salad Recipe

Thank you Beyond Meat for sponsoring this recipe.
Tacos are one of our favorite foods. We eat them all the time. But I know that eating meat all the time is not the best. It is not great for my health and it isn’t great for the planet either. So, a few years back I decided that at least 2 times a week, I would replace our dinners with a meatless meal. For a long time, meatless meal nights meant salad, [...]

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