5 must-do activities for a great holiday in Benidorm

5 must-do activities for a great holiday in Benidorm

5 must-do activities for a great holiday in Benidorm


5 must-do activities for a great holiday in Benidorm

The original package holiday resort, Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca is a number one destination for holiday-makers looking for sun, sea and sand. With over 4 million visitors every year it’s certainly not quiet. But what it lacks in tranquillity Benidorm makes up for in fun, night life, shopping and theme parks. Don’t miss these top five must-do activities.

1. Enjoy the fabulous beaches

Benidorm has 6km of sandy beaches, so when it comes to sunbathing there’s plenty of choice. Levante is possibly the most popular, but there’s also Poniente beyond the Old Town and Malpas, near the harbour. Splashing out on a sun bed and umbrella is well worth it, and when the sun gets too much, duck into one of the beach-front bars for a cold beer and paella.

2. Spend a day at Aqualandia Water Park

This enormous water park situated in the hills on the Rincon de Loix has over 20 different slides and areas including zip wires, diving board and Verti-Go, the highest capsule water slide in the world. Not for the faint-hearted!

3. Go on a boat trip to Benidorm Island

The large rock you can see from Benidorm’s coastline, Benidorm Island is a protected part of the Serra Gelada National Park and a perfect spot for diving. But if you prefer to stay above water, the boat trip itself as a relaxing way to see the whole of Benidorm from the sea.

4. Wander through the Old Town

When the sun goes down, take a wander through the cobbled streets of the old town. Take in the architecture and stop for a drink or a bite to eat in one of the lovely street-side establishments. A great way to soak up some Spanish culture if the busy bars and restaurants along the beach-front get a bit too much.

5. Be entertained at Benidorm Palace

Grab some friends and head out for a night at Benidorm Palace, the resort’s number one cabaret venue. Featuring everything from traditional flamenco dancers to acrobats, magicians, dancers and much more, the four hour show is a real Benidorm tradition.

Benidorm holidays are usually very cost effective, and they are a great option for families and groups due to the wide range of activities on offer. If you don’t want to be vying for space on the beach consider going in the off season (outside of May to October) when there are great deals to be had on flights and accommodation. Whenever you go, take plenty of sun cream, and above all, enjoy yourself – it won’t be too hard.

Image by Stephen, used under the Creative Commons license.

Fun things to do with kids in Reykjavik

image 1

Fun things to do with kids in Reykjavik

Jetting off to the land of ice and fire with the children? You might imagine this stark and beautiful landscape is no country for youngsters, but Iceland is a superb choice for a family holiday, and the local attitude towards kids is warm enough to melt a glacier. Travelling to this otherworldy place will give them a unique insight into the vast variety of destinations available to the global traveller, so wrap up warm, and prepare for adventure in whimsical Iceland.

Take the plunge at Laugardalslaug


If you don’t have time to visit the Blue Lagoon, there’s always a more cosmopolitan option in the heart of Reykjavik. Even when there’s snow and ice all around, a dip in the cosy heated outdoor pool at Laugardalslaug will warm your cockles and guarantee plenty of fun for all the family. Parents can soak away aches and pains in the geothermal waters or polish off a few laps, while the kids run wild and careen down the brightly coloured flumes and water slides. This is one unmissable experience, especially if it happens to snow while you’re taking a dip!

image 2

Talk with the animals

Reykjavik Zoo is located in one of the city’s family-friendly parks, and while it doesn’t boast many exotic creatures, the kiddiewinks won’t care a jot. There are pony rides every afternoon from 2pm, as well as goats, foxes and seals to hang out with, so be sure to bring along some cameras with which to snap the animal antics. The surrounding parkland is covered by the zoo entrance fee, and with a merry-go-round, sightseeing train and mini-cars, the experience will easily fill an entire day with wholesome fun.image 1

Be awestruck by Gulfloss

No Icelandic adventure would be complete without an excursion to Gulfloss, one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls. A ninety minute drive from the capital, this sparkling natural wonder is well worth the journey, and if you choose to visit as part of the popular Golden Circle route, it’s likely you’ll also see the powerful Strokkur Geysir which erupts every ten minutes, too. Little ones will be thrilled.

Iceland holidays are not just for grown-ups, so don’t deny the kids some fun. Ditch the beach and shake up your holiday plans with a visit to this wonderful snowglobe destination.

Images by O Palsson and Moyan Brenn used under the Creative Commons license.

Hibachi At Desaki Restaurant – Where to Have Dinner in the Poconos

Fire at Desaki- where to eat in the poconos

I received a complementary meal from Desaki to facilitate this review. All thoughts are my own.

We recently had a fun filled day on the slopes at Camelback Resort and when we were done snowboarding for the day, we were starved. Our favorite place to have dinner in the Poconos is at Desaki Hibachi and Sushi Restaurant. We visited Desaki the last time we visited the Poconos and everyone loved it so much. This time, I have to say, our visit was even better.

If you have never gone to a Hibachi restaurant before, you are missing quite an experience. The whole point of the dinner is an immersive experience with the chef. There are jokes, tricks and fire.

Fire at Desaki- where to eat in the poconos
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I have no relationship with this company. I thought the app might something of interest to my readers and wanted to share.


There is a new fitness.lifestyle app that is coming to iPhone and Android called  YourGymGF. It is just like a social network for women that are looking for new ideas on diets, workouts and lifestyle changes. It is also geared to be a great place for motivation and support. The app will allow the users to stay involved with other users. It is a great way to stay motivated with the support of others who have the same goal and are on the network. It also offers healthy recipes that are shared through the users.
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Becoming a New Cat Parent Just Got Easier

Become a new #catparent #Pmedia #ad

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, Litter Genie® and Fancy Feast®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Catparents http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Caring for cats #catparent #pmedia #ad 1

I love my cats. All it takes is a look through my Instagram feed to see. I think there are as many or more pictures of my cats as my kids. I have grown up having cats. I can not imagine my not having at least on in the house. So as I added some fur babies to the house over the years, there was not much of a transition period for me. That is not the same for m husband. He never had cats. His family were always had dogs. It’s not that he minded my furry friends, what he minded was the work,he felt, was involved in caring for them. I assured him that caring for a cat wasn’t that hard and the rewards were worth it.

Obviously, there is differences in caring for a cat vs a dog. Cats do not go outside to use the bathroom. Jimmy had issues with cleaning the cat box. It wasn’t the actual scooping. He hated the process. Getting the bag. Scooping it. Taking it outside. The whole thing. We like to make sure the box, located in the hallway by the living room, is clean so it gets done 2 times a day.

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Car Safety Tips

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned driver who has been driving for 30 years or a brand new driver with the ink still wet on you license, you always have to be cautious when you get into a vehicle. Most of these tips are good ole common sense tips but are still a great reminder.

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Dreaming of An Island Vacation in Puerto Rico

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am always dreaming of traveling. When asked where is somewhere I would love to travel to, my first answer is always, everywhere. I get an especially bad case of wanderlust this time of year when the snow starts falling and the temperatures are hitting the negatives.

I dream of heading somewhere tropical and that fits the paradise bill. Problem is, I don’t have a passport. I keep meaning to get one, but it falls lower and lower on my list as other things come up. So my dreaming list changes a bit: Paradise with tropical weather that I don’t need a passport to go to. Plus it has to have a rich culture, gorgeous beaches, amazing things to do, and isn’t a huge hassle to get to. There is one place that instantly comes to mind: Puerto Rico.

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F-Secure Freedome – Protect Yourself from Hackers Anytime, Anywhere


I am a Freedome ambassador. All thoughts are my own.

If you’re like me, you’re always online. Whether it’s the computer, your phone, or your tablet, you’re always plugged in. It’s a great way to stay connected to everything. The problem with that is that it’s a great way to stay connected to EVERYTHING. That’s why I love F-Secure Freedome. F-Secure Freedome is a VPN solution that protects your wireless internet connection across pretty much all devices.

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Tips for teen drivers

I can not believe that my boys are at the age that they are ready to get their permits and then their drivers license. As parents, we are proud of them, but it can be one of the biggest causes of dread too. You can not help but wonder if they are going to remember everything that you have taught them once they are behind the wheel by themselves.

Because every parent worries about their kids safety when they are driving, I was happy to share some of my tips for teen drivers on Fiat USA of Langhorne. While here is a small break down, please be sure to follow the link to see the whole article.
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Choosing a Convertible Car Seat

You are having a baby. What could be more exciting? Now comes making some choices of what you need for the baby. There are only a few things that you actually have when you are having a baby. You need a place for the baby to seat, some kind of diapers and clothes, and you need a car seat.

What kind of car seat do you need? There are essentially 2 kinds of car seats when your baby is born. There is an infant seat and a convertible car seat.
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