Whether you are looking for a quick dip to throw together this time of year. Starting in November through the end of March, between holidays and birthdays, at least once a month we are at a family members house. We all try to bring something. Most of the family ends up around the snack table chatting and joking. That is what makes this dip recipe perfect. It is easy to throw it together in no time and everyone loves it. And it has bacon in it. BACON. So of course it is awesome.



Yields: 6 servings

Time: 5 minutes


16 oz. sour cream

1 packet ranch dip mix

3 oz bag of pre-cooked bacon pieces

1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded



1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl, and mix well. Refrigerate for 24 hours to allow flavors to combine. Enjoy with crackers, chips or veggies.



The New Way to Stay Connected While Your Child is at Daycare


This is a sponsored conversation from HiMama. All thoughts are my own.

Years ago, I used to work in a day care center. I was the afternoon toddler teacher and it was a fun room. I was lucky to be able to bring my kids to work with me everyday. Most working parents are not that lucky. It doesn’t matter if you are a working parent by choice or by need, either way you want to know what is going on with your kids while they are at daycare and you are away from them.himamalogo

We always sent a paper home with the kids. It told parents what the kids worked on that day, if they ate their lunch and if there were any issues. Now, with Willow in preschool, I have learned first hand, I actually hate those sheets. I glance over them, sit them down when I get in the car, and usually lose them. Or if someone else picks her up from school, I usually never see them anyway. HiMama Child Care app has found a high-tech way to keep parents up to date on what their kids are doing that day.


HiMama is a high-tech way for parents to know about the kids day at school. It is an app that lets the day care providers fill out what the children did that day, what they ate, what they learned and everything else that is on the normal “How was my day” kind of sheet. It goes even further though.  It lets day care workers send pictures and video to the parents, lets the workers update the sheet immediately, so that parents can check in from time to time throughout the day. It also lets teachers and the administrators send important messages to the parents.


For the child care workers, you have the chance to pull attendance records and other important information that makes record keeping and accessing information that much easier.


As a parent making the choice to have their child in day care, it would be reassuring to get a picture or video during the day. It helps parents feel like they are a part of their child’s day.

HiMama makes it easier for parents who have to be away from their children all day. The apps goal it to make communication easier between parents and educators.

Have you ever had to be away from your kids while they are in day care? Would you have enjoyed the services offered by HiMama.

10 Snowman crafts perfect for a snowy day

snowman crafts perfect for a snowy day

Starting tomorrow we are suppose to get an epic, possibly historical snow storm. That is what they are calling it. I call it 2-3 feet of torture. I am not a snow person. My kids are. My kids would play in the snow forever. I deal with it for the love of my kids. Since it seems much of the north east coast is going to be nailed with this same snow storm, I thought it would only be appropriate to share some Snowman crafts for kids.
If you are stuck in this snow storm, please be safe and warm. Hopefully these snowman crafts will help keep the kids entertained.

snowman crafts perfect for a snowy day

  1. Snowman Felt Board
  2. Nutter Butter Snowmen
  3. Snowman Wreath Door Art
  4. Recycled Bread Tag Snowmen
  5. Snowman Marshmallow Dispenser
  6. Skiing Snowman!
  7. Sock Snowman
  8. Footprint Snowman
  9. Paper Plate Santa
  10. Snowman Hot Chocolate

Let NetGear bring your house up to speed


I am a Net Gear Ambassador. All thoughts are my own.

If yor house is like mine, everyone is connected to the internet. Whether it is to be on the computer, on their phones, watching movies on the tablets, or streaming You Tube on the tv, we are all online.  It’s crazy just how many aspects of our lives depend on us being connected to a device.


NetGear is one of those names in internet technologies that everyone seems to have heard of before. Right now, your ability to connect to the internet is even better then before. There has never been a WiFi like this before. I want to introduce to you the Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Router that has a Tri-Band WiFi Technology. This technology makes it so that each and every one of the devices that you may have in your home can connect to the internet.

You may be thinking right now that you already do this while you are at home. Think about what happens as you add more and more devices to your wireless network. What happens to your speed? In my house, I can always tell when someone has jumped on their electronics or turned on their streaming because my computer pretty much comes to a halt.

Did you ever think that it would be possible to connect laptops, tablets, phones, TVs, game consoles, music streamers and cameras to the network all at once if they are WiFi enabled? It’s now possible with the Nighthawk Router. The speeds are incredible at 3.2 Gbps and with 3 WiFi bands and Smart Connect intelligence every device is give the fastest connection possible and the speed is optimized to its max.

There are 6 high-performance antennas on the Nighthawk Router. You will not be asking the question of your internet being fast enough anymore. You will be wondering if your devices are fast enough to keep up with the speeds that are available to you. Gaming online is a whole other story all to itself. So many times people have gotten mad at a game because it was buffering or lagging. It wasn’t the games fault. It was the speed of your internet at the time. The Nighthawk’s Tri-Band WiFi ends this game-lag and delivers uninterrupted gameplay. This is what gamers have been waiting for to be able to play at the success rate that they know that they are capable of playing.
I know you also hate it when your video or movie that you are watching buffers, right? That can be put to an end as well with the ability to seamlessly stream HD simultaneously on multiple devices thanks to smart Connect and Beamforming. Nighthawk is the router that everyone has been waiting for in order to connect a multitude of devices and enjoy entertainment without interruption from lag and buffering.


I am also excited about the AC750 WIFI Range Extender. My house is set up weird, so parts of my house get almost no service no matter how good the router is. Something in the house seems to block the signal.  If your house is shaped oddly, has multiple levels or you want to use your wifi when in the yard, with the WIFI Range Extender, you will now be able to enjoy all your favorite devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and more throughout your whole home. The Range Extender will boost your WiFi that already exists by simply just upping your range and speed. It will work with any standard WiFi router and the Gigabit Ethernet port allows you to provide WiFi connectivity to even a wired device such as a Bluray player, game console, smart TV or a streaming player using your own existing WiFi network. All you have to do is plug it into any outlet and let the difference speak for itself.
Facts about the Range Extender:
Dual band WiFi up to 750Mbps
Supports new 802.11ac and b/g/n WiFi devices
External antennas for better performance
Connect wired devices to your WiFi network with Gigabit Ethernet

NetGear has always been a company that wanted to innovate products in order to connect people and businesses. Life is always advancing around us, and they wanted to be able to advance along with it by making products that were easy to use, that were powerful and that were smart. They wanted people to have the smartest home that had the latest technology. NetGear wanted to make it easy for someone to do something as simple as stream a movie and not have to worry about buffering. They wanted you to be able to have access to the most advanced wireless internet connectivity and for your home network to have the speed and performance that you needed. They wanted the need for speed and efficiency to be met every single time and that the client be as relaxed as possible when connecting to the internet. It’s their job to worry about what goes into the effortless connectivity, not yours. Even though we primarily hear about NetGear for the home, they also offer solutions for businesses and service providers as well.

How to Save up with ease before Summer Holiday

Even though summer is still far away, you should already start to think about saving money before the summer holiday strikes. Whether it’s visiting Hawaii, going on safari in Africa, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, or just going camping to the neighboring state, your next trip will definitely cost more money that you expect. Hence, it is wise to save as much as possible before you leave in order to get the peace of mind that your budget is enough for additional expenses.

In order to save money for your holiday vacation, you need to carefully consider your budget and assess any potential costs.

Holiday Costs and Budgeting

The total cost of your holiday mainly depends on a few factors:

– Travel insurance
– Airfares
– Sites admission
– Accommodation
– Food
– Souvenirs
– Extra money in case of emergencies or unexpected situations
– more

You need to carefully plan your budget. Cut back on monthly spending in order to make sure you will have enough money for the trip. Look for savings in your restaurant meals, entertainment costs, Starbucks coffee, clothes and takeaway lunches.

Here are some extra tips to help you save even more before summer holiday.

Savings Tips for your Summer Vacation

-Read online for money-saving tips that will help save money to travel more. Reading what works others can give you a great idea what might work for you.

– Set up a savings account.
To grow your savings and make sure that happens regularly, you need to think of a way to put your money where it will earn interest. A savings account or a term deposit should do. The fact of the matter is that these accounts will give you a much higher interest rate than standard transaction accounts. Interest rates, however, is not going to be great and the reason for the savings account is that this should make it more difficult for you to spend your savings elsewhere. Just think, if you put aside $300 per month, at the beginning of the summer you will already have more than $1,500 ready for your trip.

– Less Starbucks, KFC and the likes.
Try to cook more instead of eating out on a regular basis. Of course, sometimes you just need to have fun with your friends or have a business meeting. In this case, KFC or Starbucks is another story. In all other cases, eating out or drinking an expensive coffee may only slow down your efforts to save money for your summer vacation.

– Make the most of coupons and promo codes.
When buying something online, do not forget to capitalize on coupons and discounts. You can save up to 30% or more on every single purchase, which translates into savings of tens of dollars on a monthly basis. It may be a good idea to visit websites devoted to saving tips and couponing like where you can get more advice on the subject of using coupon codes and frugal lifestyle.

-Start planning your trip now
It is best to book or buy tickets to your destination well ahead of time and get massive discounts before the ticket prices go up. When checking for flights and reservations, look for the cheapest deals out there. Online travel sites such as or can be extremely helpful for you. It is similar with the hotel booking. Stay at hotels that offer free accommodation for kids under 12: certain hotel chains, such as Ramada Inn, Holiday Inn and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, offer free accommodation and meals for kids under 12. Always check the “Specials” page of any hotel website to find out if you are eligible for this amazing offer.

– Get the whole family involved.
Once everyone is involved in the money-raising process, it will be much easier for you to raise up money for your summer holiday. You can even make it become a whole family mission. This may even change the way your whole family experiences the holiday or even set a great example for the future of your family budget.

Saving is not such a daunting task, especially if you make sure to put aside all spare money. You can use a jar for change and a bank account for the real money. If the whole family is involved, you will end up having stronger relationships, and your holiday will certainly be successful.

Easy Ways To Save Money on Groceries

Easy Ways To Save Money on Groceries

Money is tight for everyone. Whether you are just getting by or trying to save for a trip, or save for retirement, no one wants to send more money than they have to. Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. For most people, groceries is a large chunk of their weekly or monthly budget. Here are a few articles to help you find ways to save money on groceries, so you can have more money for family fun.

Easy Ways To Save Money on Groceries

Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Buying Meat in Bulk to Save Money!
Stop Cutting Coupons and Start Saving!
How Menu Planning Saves Money
50 companies that will Mail Coupons to You for FREE
5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Healthy and Organic Food
7 Ways to Save Money on Groceries WITHOUT Using Coupons
8 Apps for Your Smartphone That Save Big Money on Groceries

Road Trip Snacks for Kids

road trip snacks


road trip snacks

Whether you feel like you live in the car because of all of the errands, or you are planning on a road trip, snacks in the car are a must. The problem is not all snacks are equal when it comes to being eaten in the car and being able to travel well.  You want something that you can take in a bag or cooler, that isn’t complete junk food all the time, and holds up to traveling, that doesn’t make a complete me. It can be a tall order to fill.

1. Peanut butter and celery makes a great snack but it does not travel well. If you take a peanut butter jar, filled half way with peanut butter, you can take the rest of the space and add the celery in.

2. Granola bars are a great way to fill up those bellies with minimal fuss. They travel well and since there are a lot of varieties, most kids enjoy them.

3. Carrots and dip. Use a large container, like a sour cream or yogurt container and add dip into a smaller container. You can use a small plastic container or even a baby food jar. Keep all of it together in the larger container and it travel easily.

4. Fruit Leather is a fun way to get kids to eat their fruit. There are lots of all natural, organic versions on the market. Kids feel like they are getting a sweet treat and you know that they are getting some of their daily fruit needs.

Read the rest of my road trip snacks for kids Arrigo of Sawgrass.

What to Check Before your Next Road Trip

What to Check Before your Next Road Trip

What to Check Before your Next Road Trip


You have decided that you want to take more vacations. You want to travel more. You want to see more, do more. But you know that big vacations are out of your budget. Rethink what you think of as travel plans. Travel doesn’t have to be long trips to far away places. Take a road trip. Road trips can be short trips to a local fair that is just in the next town. It can be a festival that you leave home early for and come home later. Take a trip to some mountains and watch the leaves change or see the snow on the mountain tops. Maybe see the green come back at the end of the winter. Find a new hiking trail. Road trips can be the best way to see more things and get more travel under your belt, without costing you a fortune. Some road trips cost your nothing more than gas.

Since you are depending on your car to get you to your destination, it is important to check the car out before you head off. Nothing major, just basics to make sure the car is ready to go.

Check the oil. It only takes a few minutes. The oil helps all the moving parts in the car work better so it keeps the engine working.

Check the transmission fluid. When the transmission fluid is low it causes trouble as you shift gears, even in automatic cars.

Check the Power steering fluid. This makes the steering wheel easy to turn. If you are low on fluid, the steering will lock up and it can be extremely hard to turn.

Check the brake fluid. 

What else should you check before you hit the road for your next road trip? See the rest of the article on Fiat Usa of Sawgrass.

Low Calorie Snacks- Frozen Coffee Hack with Yoplait Light

Frozen Coffee Snack Hack

Thank you to Yoplait Light for sponsoring these low calorie snacks.

I love food. I love food a lot. I am also a chocoholic and a snacker. I love to snack. In 2014 I was doing good. I was getting healthy, losing weight and feeling pretty good. Then towards the end of 2014, I hit a bad spell with my asthma and spent 3 months on steroids. When I am on steroids I eat worse than my teenage boys. I am starving and no matter how much I try to, there is no controlling myself.  To add one more insult to it all, even with eating more than I should, my body reacts by packing on weight.

Now that it is 2015 and I am ready to reset to routine. I am working on getting my weight back to where I was before the asthma issues. That doesn’t mean I can easily give up my snacks. I can not lose weight or eat healthy when I am feeling deprived. I need to feel like I can have sweet snacks and dessert. Oh man, I must have dessert.

yoplait yogurts

Yoplait Light has me covered. They offer over 20 delicious yogurt that are Yoplait Light 90 calories, 0% fat that have no aspartame.

Yoplait Light knows that people like me have a weakness for dessert. With their 150 Calorie Snack Hacks on Pinterest, I get all the dessert I want.


As a bonus, I get to fulfill one of my other calorie rich cravings, for just 150 calories. I love my specialty coffees. Those rich and decadent tasting coffee treat for only 150 calories.

Frozen Coffee House Drink

Frozen Coffee Snack Hack

Start with some crushed ice

one Yoplait Light Vanilla Yogurt

Add in 3 Tablespoon Brewed Coffee

1 teaspoon chocolate or caramel sauce

Top it with whipped cream

It comes out tasting just like those expensive, high calorie coffee-house drinks

Check out the Pinterest board full of other 150 Calorie snacks. Which one do you want to try?


When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

When Your Check Engine Light Comes On


When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

When you check engine light comes on, it can terrifying. You start to wander what is wrong and how much it is going to cost. I know my first instinct is to pretend I don’t see it. It is a problem that I simply do not want to deal with. I have learned several times over why it is important to tackle the problems right away. If your check engine light is on, it is the indication of a problem, but it doesn’t mean it has to be a big problem. It could be an easy fix, that doesn’t cost much, but when it is ignored, it can become a big problem. Simply bring you vehicle in to your local dealership and they will diagnose the problem. Here are a few issues that will usually be quick and easy to fix.

1. Check the gas cap. A cap that isn’t tightened all the way can trigger the check engine light. Try tightening the gas cap as soon as the check engine light comes on. It can take a day for the car to stop registering the emissions.

2. Your Engine is Wet. After a hard rain or if you have driven through deep puddles, the engine gets wet. It makes the engine not work properly. Once the engine dries out, it should be back to normal.

Want to read other reasons that your check engine light might be on? Read the rest of the article on Fiat Usa of West Palm Beach

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