Feel Like Part of the Neighborhood When You Travel

Hyatt House Neighborhood Guides

This is a sponsored conversation from Hyatt House. As always, all thoughts are my own.
It is no secret that I love to travel. My family and I tend to travel at least once a month, and that means we stay in a lot hotels. One of my favorite things to do when we travel is to try to find all of those local neighborhood places. You know those places that you normally hear about from someone who actually lives in [...]

Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts with Weeva


I am a Weeva Storyteller Ambassador . All opinions are my own.
Jimmy and I just celebrated 15 years of marriage. It is a big deal. I have often wondered how we would ever make it through another year, but here we are going strong. I don’t normally do overly sweet romantic things, it really isn’t the way I am built, but since I just joined as a Weeva Ambassador I am excited to be able to make a unique wedding [...]

M is for Me- Personalized Gift Ideas

Personalized Books from ISEEME (2)

Thank you I See Me for sponsoring this Personalized Gift Ideas post..
I love my girls names, Serenity and Willow, but you know I am not going out and finding things with their names on them at the drug store or when we go on vacation at the souvenir stores. But even though their names are unique and unusual, that does not mean my girls do not like to see their name on their special things. It actually makes them light [...]

Feel Better During Cold Season- Home Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies is the best way to good health

I received a copy of The Essential Guide to Home Herbal Remedies for review. All thoughts are my own.
I am a big believer in herbal remedies. I really hate taking medicine whenever I can avoid it. I have had a lot of people say pish-posh when I talk about using herbal remedies but think about how people stayed healthy before everything had a pill. The world offers a remedy for just about everything that ails us.
I was at Bloggy Con [...]

You Ate What at School? What you should know about school lunch

This picture is courtesy of Tray Talk Facebook Page

Thank you to School Nutrition Association for inviting me to learn more about school lunches. All thoughts are my own.
So your child comes home from school and is telling you about her day. When she gets to lunch she say, I had Domino’s Pizza. The next day when she gets to lunch, she says, I had a cheeseburger. And by the third day, when she tells you about lunch, she says she had chicken nuggets.  BY now you are wondering [...]

Step into the Ways of the Pequot Tribe- Pequot Museum and Research Center

Visit a Pequot village

I received complimentary tickets to view the Pequot Museum and Research Center. All thoughts are my own.
I have always had a fascination with the Native Americans. All of them. I remember when I was very little learning that my father was a (extremely) small part Cherokee and that was it. I wanted to know everything. As I grew, my desire to learn covered all Native Americans. When my husband and I planned a trip up to Foxwoods Resort in Mashantucket, [...]

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Planning A Family Holiday To Lapland This Christmas

No place on earth evokes the spirit of Christmas like Finnish Lapland, the official home of Santa Claus. Lapland Holidays 2014 are perfect for families who are looking for fascinating sights and diverse attractions, among other things that will spice up vacation getaway. From sparkling snow-covered forests and dazzling northern lights to holiday villages and snug log cabins, Lapland will fulfill all your Christmas dreams.
The city of Rovaniemi is the region’s capital, and has long been known as the home [...]

Healthy Nutrition I Can See- PurinaONE 28 Day Challenge

We are taking the PurinaONE challenge.jpg

I received coupons for PurinaONE Cat Food so that I can share our experience with you.  Like always,  The Spring Mount 6 Pack only brings you products I trust and enjoy.

I love my cats. They are an extension of my family and my kids. We have always had cats, and basically I can not imagine a time when there was not at least 1, usually more, running around the house. And I have kept that up even as an adult.  [...]

This Dog Gets Treats Like A Boss!

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity. I will receive a swag bag of goodies from writing this post.
I love my Angel. The girls and I get the biggest kick out of giving her treats because she loves to dance for them. She gets up on her back legs and dances around in a circle. Willow says she is trying to twirl like she is wearing a dress.
But this dog… gets treats like a boss!

Seriously, this is so frickin’ funny. I [...]

Even Glow Serum


I received a sample of Even Glow Serum from Valentia. All thoughts are my own.
I am always looking for something that will hep my skin look better. Over the past few years, I feel like my age is starting to show. In addition to the fine lines showing up around my eyes, my skin looks dull and my pores are looking huge. So whenever I can find something that can help, I am all for giving it a try.
Valentia makes [...]

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