Is it a Humming Bird or a Bee? WW *Linky*

Humming bird bee in flight

I was hanging out at the little pool that I recently bought for my girls and, like usual, I have my camera with me. We were playing and talking and splashing, when this thing whizzes by my head. It was like a hummingbird bee.

We weren’t sure what it was. I thought, at first, that is was a hummingbird because of how fast the winds were moving. When I got a closer look, it looks like a bee never seen a [...]

Celebrating Sisters with my Girls

Celebrating Sisters Nenuco & Her Little Sister Sister Dolls

I received these Nenuco & Her Little Sister dolls to help celebrate sisters with my girls. All thoughts are my own.

I wasn’t lucky enough to have a sister. I always wanted one. But I was the only girl in a family of 5 kids, all much older brothers who tormented me.
As I started having kids, I had my son. Then we had another son. Which was nice, because my boys would have each other, and I always hoped they would be [...]

Making a Terra Cotta Turtle Garden Decorations

make a terra cotta turtle, making a decoration for the garden

I love the terra cotta garden decorations that I see when I go to craft fairs. But since I have a budget that I have to stick to, I can not afford the price that I often see them being sold for. But after thinking about it, I realized that I could easily make one for almost nothing.

My terra cotta turtle took me under and hour to make and less than $5. You will need:

A medium or large size terra [...]

My Beautiful Black Swallowtail Caterpillar- Wordless Wednesday *Linky

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar, eating all of the Dill plants

The other day my best friend comes over to pick the kids up. She says, you have this bright lime green caterpillar on your plant right outside the door. I was sick as a dog with a migraine so I asked her to move it the bush, because there was more than enough leaves on the bush but I didn’t want it eating up all my herbs. But I could not even move to get up to see it. The [...]

De-Clutter Your Home

De-clutter your home infographic is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

Motherhood: Oh the Changes You Bring

Laughing, Coughing have you worried? LBL got you down? Let Poise help you out. FREE SAMPLE  #ad

Thank you to Poise for sponsoring this post. Get your free sample of Poise Microliners.
So you are all excited that you are going to have a baby. Or you are holding that sweet little one in your arms. And you are looking at your body, your boobs are bigger at the moment, but so are other parts of you. You are a bit squishier than you use to be. But you are not worried.  You know you can lose the [...]

Anything to not make a 2nd Trip- Friday Funny Pictures

I would literally dislocate both of my shoulders in attempt to get all of the groceries in the  house in one trip: Funny Friday Pictures

It’s Friday. It’s the start of the weekend. Why not start it with a smile and Friday Funny Pictures.

I have to go from my car, down the steps, across the yard, up a few steps and then open the door. Once inside, I have to go across the house to get to the kitchen. I can’t be the only one who will do just about anything to not have to go back to the car for more bags. I always [...]

Don’t Be Up The Creek Without a Paddle: Sea Tow

Sea Tow Don't be up the creek without a paddle

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sea Tow. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.
One of our favorite things to do when we travel to North Carolina  to see my mom, is to go out on the boat with her friend. We do not go out far, just a short trip up the river, through the sound, and back again. We always have a ton of. We can see [...]

The Biggest Mistakes Made When Hiring A Venue For A Corporate Event

Contrary to what you may think or what others may tell you, organizing a corporate event is a lot of trouble. You will go through a process that is much more complicated than many believe. There is a reason why there are professionals that are specialized in corporate event planning and we have to recommend that you seriously consider hiring one to help you out. If that is not possible, at least go through the mistakes mentioned below so you [...]

Look Who I Found Chilling Out in My Yard

An Elephant Stag Beetle Chilling out in my yard

Jimmy was leaving for work the other afternoon and found this guy chilling out. This Elephant stag beetle looks fierce and scary, but despite his big size, he was no threat to anyone. About 2 inch long, he was just sitting there. He didn’t move around. He didn’t try to bite. He just chilled out.
We tried to see if he would snap those pincers onto a stick, but they didn’t move. They were for show for us. But after looking [...]

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